Norpro "The Original" Sauce Master Review

Norpro The Original Sauce Master
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I'm wondering why it never occurred to anyone else to simply put a 9x13 under their sauce master to collect the sauce. I use one of my baking pans and it holds plenty of strawberry puree for jam. It pours well into a measuring cup without a mess. So no, there isn't a problem with design here.
Also, my sister in law has another company's similar product and complains that in making sauces her's splatters off the screen very badly. Mine is perfectly clean as the sauce guard catches all of it. There is at times a problem with the discard backing up and falling into the sauce but it only happens when my children are running the machine and not paying attention. An adult should have no problem getting it to work without incident.

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Norpro sauce master the only strainer you'll need for vegetables, fruits, and purees. This multi-use strainer forces food through a chrome plated steel screen, automatically separating the juice and pulp in one easy operation.Includes recipe and instruction booklet. Hopper size: 8-inch diameter by 3-inch deep.These screens will ONLY fit "The Original" sauce master and not the Sauce master II, the Roma or the Squeezo!

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